How on Earth do you know that?!

Crossword (PSF)Gathered around the NY Times Crossword every morning in the staff room before heading to class we would collectively work our way through the entire puzzle. Few of us could solve Thursday or Friday’s puzzles on our own, but together we were pretty successful.

One colleague was famous for knowing some of the most obscure answers and, when asked how she knew that, her response was always:

Oh, you know… I live in the world… I pay attention.”

My students reflect not only on their content learning but also on their work process, project planning, implementation strategies, and management outcomes. The goal is to help them develop a sense of presence (living in the world) and observation/reflection (paying attention). Rather than focusing on linear, predictive models of the world, we develop a capacity to see and analyse the chaotic world around us. In this way we can accommodate the unexpected, embrace innovations.

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