FORE! Desk-Sized Mini Golf HoleProject. Front 9 in room 3, back 9 in room 2

Here is a project I put together with my former teaching partner, Linda Benson. We were looking for a quick but engaging hands-on project that integrated many subject areas. It ties together Math (scale, proportion, surface area, integers), Science (light: law of reflection)

HERE is the document we circulated to the class after creating the criteria with them.

Design a hole for a Mini-Golf Course

Using materials of your choice, you and a partner will design and create a table-top mini golf hole using marbles for the ball, and a finger-flick for propulsion. While each hole will be a par 5 it must be possible for a player to get a hole-in-one.


  • must have a one-shot solution
  • must fit entirely on the surface of a regular classroom table
  • must use at least one reflection in the solution
  • the hole must be 1.5x larger than the marble
  • playing field must be decorated with an appealing theme
  • must have a flag with your assigned hole number
  • include a scale diagram of the hole showing:
    • the one-shot solution (include incident and reflected rays, angles of incidence and reflection, and normal)
    • the total surface area of the playing field
    • the perimeter of the playing field
    • the linear distance from the tee box to the hole


Each team will be given the following materials.

  • 50 popsicle sticks
  • 30 toothpicks
  • 8 cubic centimetres of modeling clay
  • 2 sheets of 18” x 24” green construction paper
  • 1 marble per team

No replacements or “seconds” will be provided, so TAKE CARE!

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