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Medieval Minecraft for SAGE 2015

Medieval Minecrafting 2015 Master File Edmodo join link: Here is a link to the GoogleDoc with the text of the project. Please, feel free to add, comment  

Minecraft for #ISTE13, San Antonio

Minecraft 07 Some Finished Grade 8 Ancient Greece Projects

Our grade 8 classes have wrapped up their first minecraft project recreating a scale version of an Ancient Greek structure. Accompanying the project were some calculations, and a video tour of their structure while describing the historical importance and architectural details. Part of our challenge was getting the students to balance research and writing time with […]

Minecraft 06: Lessons Learned doing History with Minecraft in the Middle Years

  Shortly after embarking on the project with our donated set of non-networked laptops, students asked if they could bring their own devices. A few students even figured out how to get an old WiFi router I had kicking around to serve as a hub for their server hosted on a Nintendo DS. Other students […]

Minecraft 05: Students Start Virtual Project Based Learning

"Reconstruct an ancient Greek structure to scale. Later, you will take a visiting student on a virtual guided tour explaining everything you know about the building and its' purpose in ancient times. Your visitor should be amazed at how smart you are." That is the educational Minecraft project, in a nutshell. There aren't a lot of criteria. I […]

Minecraft 04: Start-Up Crashes Fixed

Hooray! After a week of fiddling with these laptops and a three days of Minecraft installations and troubleshooting, we overcame a big hurdle. We were experiencing errors at startup: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe abnormal program termination Turns out the solution was simply to change the screen resolution. Our older […]

Minecraft 03: Another Step Forward

Minecraft: 01 Initial Thoughts

I feel a little like I'm looking and leaping at the same time. Minecraft has been popping up in my reading, my young nephew  is an active player, YouTube videos of Minecraft scenes appear in my searches, and I've seen the reddit images of blocky halloween costumes.. Two days ago I purchased a copy and my eight-year-old […]

Minecraft: 02 Organized Chaos

What a wild day. First I want to share how awesome this chaotic day was - student engagement from beginning to end by every single student. Every one of them! It started like this: We need to make this space work for our classroom network. We need to get the classroom network working. We need […]

Vision Statements

Vision for Learners How People Learn The information landscape has changed significantly in the last thirty years, causing educators to rethink how best to blend technology’s capabilities with pedagogies into an authentic and effective system of education that meets the needs of today’s learners. Given the ubiquity of mobile communication technology and human reliance on […]

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