Do you believe everything you tweet?

"Do you believe everything you tweet?" I was asked in the hallway one day. I was taken aback. Mentally searching the latest batch of tweets I scanned for something that may have precipitated such a question. We talked briefly about the purpose of my tweets and engagement with the professional learning community. I had retweeted […]

International Professional Development in your Basement: #teachmeet

Back in 1994, as a student in the Education Technology Leadership program at the George Washington University, I tried a video conference with a fellow student in Virginia. After 7 minutes we had accumulated enough pixels to see each other, but between my 14.4kbps modem and his ISDN line, there just wasn't enough bandwidth to […]

Professional Learning Reflections

In my district Annual Reflections of Professional Learning are, for many, a chore and can at times feel artificial. Of course the act of engaging in professional learning is not just legislated by our provincial government, but, more importantly, is professionally satisfying, keeps our practice fresh and students engaged. Because so much of our professional learning occurs […]

Professional Learning Networks (PLNs)

I love this idea. Love love love it. First, I really love what I do for a living; I love watching students making sense of the world, I love working with colleagues on  projects, and I love professional dialogue. That's a whole lotta love! For the uninitiated, a Professional Learning Network, or PLN, is your […]

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