Engaging Teachers in Effective Collaborative Inquiry

  This paper was created as part of my participation in the graduate course Collaborative Inquiry at Queen's University as part of the Graduate Diploma in Professional Inquiry leading to a Master of Education degree. This work, shared with permission, was a collaborative effort with this group of passionate fellow learners and leaders.  Scott Dowling, […]

When procedural change challenges organizational values: An open case study

This organizational learning case study was created as part of my participation in the graduate course Organizational Learning at Queen's University as part of the Graduate Diploma in Professional Inquiry leading to a Master of Education degree.  Organizational Learning Case Study A New Report Card While the doors of Prairie Lighthouse Middle School (PLMS) first […]

Medieval Minecraft for SAGE 2015

Medieval Minecrafting 2015 Master File Edmodo join link: https://edmo.do/j/uazqip Here is a link to the GoogleDoc with the text of the project. Please, feel free to add, comment https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CUeU8wqQyz-TjNIzkTp28rcCxPfmOOy6Z2mv45oU_KA/edit?usp=sharing   miles@milestomes.com michelle.dombek@7oaks.org  

Wearable Technology Possibilities for Education

This  paper was written as part of my participation in the graduate course Educational Hardware Systems at the George Washington University. It is one of the required courses for the Education Technology Leadership concentration in the Master of Arts in Education and Human Development. Wearable Technology Possibilities for Education ABSTRACT Networked computing is radically changing how […]

Annual Reflection on Professional Learning 2015

Annual Reflection on Professional Learning 2015 In the same way we ask students to reflect on their work, so too should we, as professionals, take time to consider our practice. Returning to my home school after spending the 2014 calendar year teaching in Australia, I'm going to reflect on the two different systems and their […]

Learning out loud

  I’ve been using Harold Jarche’s phrase, “Learning Out Loud” to describe my approach to learning. As a teacher, I consider myself simply the resident professional learner rather than the resident content expert. The idea of using social media to engage with colleagues both near and far appealed to my enthusiasm for technology and my […]

Value of Teacher Volunteerism: some rough numbers

Like the legal and medical profession's requirement to do pro bono work, SHOULD EDUCATORS be required to serve populations that otherwise would not have access to particular areas of learning?  I believe they should.  Access to learning and education benefits society as a whole and an informed populace is necessary to a successful government.  The […]

Some authentic applications of Augmented Reality (AR)

Hsin-Kai Wu (2013) suggests AR should be understood as a concept rather than a specific technology. It is helpful to understand AR as a negotiation between the user and content delivery systems leveraging the power of several technologies to create intuitive and seamless, context-aware interactions between user and content. AR, therefore, is a novel concept […]

Mental and physical fatigue and multitasking

  I've been sitting at the computer for several hours now. For a while I worked on my research paper. When I need to reduce the cognitive load I popped on to Facebook for a bit. Then, I caught up on the latest posts for my course and spent some time reading a couple of articles. […]

MOOCs and Motivation

Addressing learner motivation in self-directed open learning environments Reading about motivation and volition in instructional design, I contextualized the ideas within self-directed open learning models, like MOOCs, which reflect social constructivism. Here, participants join large groups working toward a common goal, but pursuing their goals in smaller self-selected learning communities. For most participants, MOOCs are voluntary and […]

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