How on Earth do you know that?!

Gathered around the NY Times Crossword every morning in the staff room before heading to class we would collectively work our way through the entire puzzle. Few of us could solve Thursday or Friday’s puzzles on our own, but together we were pretty successful. One colleague was famous for knowing some of the most obscure […]

Teachers and Shrodinger's Cat: Connected Educators on Social Media

If Shrodinger's cat would meow, we'd know whether it is alive or dead. If teachers talked about what they are doing in the classrooms... A report from the box would be helpful for everyone. Many connected educators are working to get out of the box, open the doors, tear down the walls, get out of the building, virtually and […]

Student-Led Conferences

Enthusiastic students sharing their work with proud parents at student-led conferences. Watching my grade 8 students and their families is always a treat. It isn't hard to imagine home lives where every night of the week is filled with some social obligation, team practice, club meeting, or work shift. Interactions at home may be little […]

Listen like a Boss

Professional audio dramatizations of classic stories nicely support ELA outcomes. Different than audio books which are simply oral readings of text, dramatizations have actors, sound effects, mood music. The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre, produced from 1974 to 1982 has almost 1400 episodes of quality radio drama including about 200 adaptations and dramatizations of classic stories […]

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