Medieval Minecraft for SAGE 2015

Medieval Minecrafting 2015 Master File Edmodo join link: Here is a link to the GoogleDoc with the text of the project. Please, feel free to add, comment  

Wearable Technology Possibilities for Education

This  paper was written as part of my participation in the graduate course Educational Hardware Systems at the George Washington University. It is one of the required courses for the Education Technology Leadership concentration in the Master of Arts in Education and Human Development. Wearable Technology Possibilities for Education ABSTRACT Networked computing is radically changing how […]

Survey of Global Collaboration Tools presented using Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway I'm experimenting with Microsoft Sway, an application somewhat, a little, kinda, sorta like Powerpoint but much more interactive and more dynamic (in that it reformats content depending on the screen it is being displayed on). Users can search for, and embed content from a variety of other sources a little bit like Haiku […]

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