Learning in Public where the World is Your Teacher

At the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba Association of Computing Educators (ManACE) Dean Shareski ‏(@shareski) and Alec Couros ‏(@courosa) explored the idea of learning in public. Their talk titled, "Half-Baked" described the benefits of learning in public spaces, real and virtual, sharing one's "half-baked" skills or ideas and inviting responses from the larger community. […]

"Don Cherry's Jacket" Fabric Art

What do you do with a bin full of fabric samples? Fabric collages, of course. Lovely pieces illustrating creative landscapes and abstract patterns. Right? Not this year. Because it is hockey season and we're nearing the Stanley Cup finals, we decided to adorn Canadian hockey icon Don Cherry with some new threads. We found this […]

Adopting a Strategy isn't like Adopting a Dog

Dogs are for life, Strategies are for the moment. Panaceas available at Workshop X Purchase even more efficacy with these associated books Sit through 8 additional hours of workshop to receive your Level II certificate More levels available at reasonable prices Ok, I'm not quite THAT cynical. I do see value in exploring strategic systems […]

Pokemon Evolve, so can Teachers

Change processes are well researched and documented but I wanted to explore my own experience with significant change in the context of my teaching practice. I started my career five years before the start of the Pokemon craze, but the idea of evolutions (though far less dramatic) seem suitable for describing professional growth. I began […]

Blogs and Twitter Engagement Detriment to Employment?

On an education related discussion board, someone asked for advice on how to increase their marketability as an already-qualified, but unemployed teacher. The poster asked about pursuing further qualifications at a university. Here is a portion of the surprising discussion that followed between me and another responder with very different opinions: Me: Consider your web […]

Do you believe everything you tweet?

"Do you believe everything you tweet?" I was asked in the hallway one day. I was taken aback. Mentally searching the latest batch of tweets I scanned for something that may have precipitated such a question. We talked briefly about the purpose of my tweets and engagement with the professional learning community. I had retweeted […]

E-Readers or Tablets

Of course this need not be an either/or decision. E-readers are valuable addition to a school's library and tablets can  shared successfully among many students. In a limited budget, would you rather have an e-reader for each student, or a tablet for every 8 students? Would you get some of each? Is it better to have […]

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