Seeking help is a critical skill

“Toxic ideas such as  “asking for help will alter others’ perception of me” or “asking for help will make me feel less competent than my colleagues” prevent them from seeking help from informal (e.g., friends) or formal (e.g., colleagues, project manager, etc) sources.  Since competence and independence are among the most cherished values in today’s organizations […]

Self Regulating my own Study of Self-Regulation

Who has time not to self-regulate I have taken on a lot of obligations this term: three graduate courses for my Master's degree, organizing two Edcamps, teaching full-time, volunteering for our local community club fundraisers, and a research project. Add to that the expectations of contributing to the household, maintaining relationships and there is a […]

Espoused and/or Practiced Values

Espoused and/or Practiced Values Argyris (1995) describes two theories of actions: the theories we espouse, and the theories we practice. Ideally, of course, they are one in the same; our behaviours align with the philosophies we hold close. However, there is, more often than not, a mismatch between what we say we believe, and what […]

How to create a culture of collaboration: Collaborative Inquiry 1 of 3

Collaborative Inquiry When done right, collaborative inquiry(CI) engages participants in deep reflection on, and discussion about evidence and artifacts relating to the organization's goals and the individual's practice. CI participants challenge each others' practice and points of view in pursuit of positive change. Calling a collection of people a, "collaborative inquiry group" however does not […]

Survey of Global Collaboration Tools presented using Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway I'm experimenting with Microsoft Sway, an application somewhat, a little, kinda, sorta like Powerpoint but much more interactive and more dynamic (in that it reformats content depending on the screen it is being displayed on). Users can search for, and embed content from a variety of other sources a little bit like Haiku […]

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