Instructional Design Cartoon Style: Learner and Context Analysis

Instructional design is full of terms for every element of a learning experience. Occasionally I use little sketches to help me visualize and understand these concepts.  Don't use this for studying or as an authoritative source of information on instructional design. This comic illustrates elements of Context Analysis: Learner Analysis Learning Context and Learning Context […]

Does learning content differ from learning processes?

Planning for Learning Fair Warning: I don't know yet whether learning content differs from learning processes. There are no answers here, just more questions exploring whether traditional instructional design models can accommodate all. Whether we are traditional sage on the stage lecturers, or constructivist minded creators of learning environments, planning is an essential element of […]

Instructional Design: Overkill or Good Practice

For the next couple of years much of my time will be spent on coursework as I have enrolled in George Washington University's Graduate Certificate in eLearning, the first step toward completing the Masters Degree in Education Technology Leadership. In the spirit of learning in public, I plan to use my blog as a thinking […]

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