iBooks Highlight Need to Reform Education Funding

Government moves faster than a typesetter can arrange metal cast letters into pages, place them in a frame to make a forme, placed onto a bed, ink the letters, place a paper between the frisket and tympan, and roll the bed under the platen, with the windlass mechanism. (Wikipedia) Well, not quite. A printing press is much faster. Apple's iBook 2 announcement is […]

Amazing story of interpersonal giftedness

Picture this: a new student arrives mid year, emotionally scarred from past traumas, social service files inches thick and an obvious fish out of water in this new school. Looking different than everyone else at this middle school, her body language screams out rage mixed with fear and the threat of something bad if you […]

Laptop screens are not handles. Pics, so it happened.

Minecraft 05: Students Start Virtual Project Based Learning

"Reconstruct an ancient Greek structure to scale. Later, you will take a visiting student on a virtual guided tour explaining everything you know about the building and its' purpose in ancient times. Your visitor should be amazed at how smart you are." That is the educational Minecraft project, in a nutshell. There aren't a lot of criteria. I […]

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