Evaluation purpose and questions *

Evaluation Purpose and Questions

The problem to be investigated in this study is Edcamp’s impact on:

  • the participants’ professional network in terms of growth, diversity, level of engagement,
  • the exchange of ideas among participants
  • the increase in professional capacity (in terms of both pedagogical skills, and, perhaps, motivation)

The purpose of this evaluation is to determine the effect, if any, of Edcamp participation on participant professional networks.

  • Q1. (ideas) Do Edcamps expose participants to new ideas?
  • Q2. (ideas) Do Edcamps elicit active engagement from participants?
  • Q3. (ideas) Do Edcamps facilitate the spread of ideas throughout an organization?
  • Q4. (network) Do Edcamps increase the size of a participant’s professional network?
  • Q5. (network) Do Edcamps contribute to the maintenance of existing professional networks?
  • Q6. (network) Do Edcamps increase engagement with professional networks?
  • Q7. (growth) Do Edcamps improve teacher practice?
  • Q8. (growth) Do Edcamps have a positive effect on student learning?
  • Q9. (growth) Do Edcamps contribute to the achievement of school goals?

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