Using Sticky-Note Goals on Student Wall for Short Term Goals

My students sit around the perimeter of the room where they have wall space for work and an electric outlet to charge their devices. When students have choices about their focus for the period, or are working on projects, I have them set a goal for the time period, write it on a sticky-note, and […]

8 Ways to Make Use of Your Teacher Web Space

I originally posted this on my class website for use in a presentation to my staff in January 2011. Some districts provide (and some require) teachers with web space for use with their students. Here are some suggestions, listed from least to most labour intensive. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments […]

7 Steps for Writing List-Based Blog Entries

After extensive experience and exposure to list-based blog entries, I have compiled the SEVEN comprehensive and authortative steps required to create a list-based blog entry. Identify a trending issue Collect or create statements related to the issue; increase authority by citing data and sources Compile the statements into a numbered list Count the number of […]

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