Educator perceptions of district-mandated Edcamp unconferences

"Do I have to go?" "No, you GET to go!" For several years I have been exploring the Edcamp format and learning about Open Space Technology and unconference-style professional development. Personally, I believe there is tremendous potential for the format to build more robust professional networks, propagate ideas through an organization, and contribute to individual […]

Mandatory Edcamp Experiences

The Edcamp model is creeping into districts looking to offer PD experiences that leverage the wisdom of the group, that facilitate the exchange of ideas, and that build professional networks throughout the organization. I've been involved in a few such events and have done some preliminary research on the topic. Now, a colleague and I […]

Article reflection, "The community of inquiry as a basis for knowledge and learning: The case of history" by Peter Seixas

Reflections on the article, "The community of inquiry as a basis for knowledge and learning: The case of history" by Peter Seixas. Seixas, P. (1993). The community of inquiry as a basis for knowledge and learning: The case of history. American Educational Research Journal Summer, 30(2), 305–324. The author describes how history is less about […]

Four design considerations for connectivist learning spaces

Why Connectivism? Each year the number of students with access to mobile devices increases (Rideout, 2013). A 2011 UK study revealed one in five third grade students have their own mobile device, a ratio that narrowed to four in five for high school (Englander, 2011). Another study reported close to 40% of preschool children under […]

How to create a culture of collaboration: Collaborative Inquiry 1 of 3

Collaborative Inquiry When done right, collaborative inquiry(CI) engages participants in deep reflection on, and discussion about evidence and artifacts relating to the organization's goals and the individual's practice. CI participants challenge each others' practice and points of view in pursuit of positive change. Calling a collection of people a, "collaborative inquiry group" however does not […]

Wearable Technology Possibilities for Education

This  paper was written as part of my participation in the graduate course Educational Hardware Systems at the George Washington University. It is one of the required courses for the Education Technology Leadership concentration in the Master of Arts in Education and Human Development. Wearable Technology Possibilities for Education ABSTRACT Networked computing is radically changing how […]

Multitasking effects on learner achievement

Multitasking effects on learner achievement, the motivations driving multitasking and strategies for mitigating multitasking’s negative effects Precis: The best way to multitask is to not to. Abstract Multitasking is frequently used as a strategy for accomplishing more with time, however, few people realize gains in productivity when multitasking. This review of current peer-reviewed journals, gathered […]

Multitasking: Preliminary Research

Distractions have long been understood to impede achievement, and memory formation (Bailey, 1889; Denio, 1897). Long before smart phones, Poyntz (1933) empirically confirmed toys and the Victrola as “potent distractors” affecting timed responses but noted positive effects on “the fertility of the children’s ideas”. The term “multitasking” emerged in the late 1980s describing a technological […]

Securing your network in Web2.0 environments

Network Security I found an excellent article that addresses some of the issues surrounding network security in the age of social media and collaborative online spaces. Almeida (2012) describes how Web 2.0’s characteristics create great opportunities, but also some vulnerabilities, specifically how some protocols are harder to detect and how some content can be delivered […]

Oh DEAR, Drop everything and read? Really?

Some 15 years ago, Drop Everything and Read was where some song or sound played at random points throughout the day. Everyone was to stop what they were doing immediately and start reading the book they were to carry around with them during the DEAR week. Then the announcement would come on some time later […]

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