What is an Edcamp? A Brief Introduction.

6 things you need to know before starting your online graduate degree

Next month I'm writing my comprehensive exams and wrapping up a Master of Arts in Education and Human Development with a concentration in Education Technology Leadership from The George Washington University. I learned a few things along the way about distance learning in this graduate degree that will benefit others thinking about online learning. Here […]

Apps for whatever you are teaching and learning

Occasionally people ask about “must-have” apps for their devices. My preference is to focus on apps that ease the burden of communication, collaboration, and playing with ideas. These iOS applications are agnostic of content area and well worth the minimal costs. I suspect many are also available for other platforms, but I'll leave that to […]

Reflection & Self-evaluation forms for Student Focused Assessment Model (pt7)

Reflection & Self-Evaluation Forms This is a companion to the six articles on the assessment and reporting practice used at my school for the past 15 years or so. While things have evolved over time, and recent changes to our provincial reporting requirements are challenging the way we do things, this is a snapshot of […]

QR Codes in School... Really?

QR Codes are Everywhere QR codes are appearing everywhere it seems; in magazines, newspapers and fliers, posters, billboards, and public benches, product packaging, store displays, letterhead. Makes sense... rather than writing down or typing in a web address, a user scan the code and link directly to the target page. No typing, no mistakes, no 404 […]

2 Projector Remote Control Buttons You Need to Know About

8 Ways to Make Use of Your Teacher Web Space

I originally posted this on my class website for use in a presentation to my staff in January 2011. Some districts provide (and some require) teachers with web space for use with their students. Here are some suggestions, listed from least to most labour intensive. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments […]

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