"Digital Schools : How Technology Can Transform Education" by Darrell M. West: Speed Read

"Digital Schools : How Technology Can Transform Education" by Darrell M. West I called these posts "speed reads" because I really zipped through the book, skimming and scanning and synthesizing my own understandings into the statements below. I trust that readers will use the comment block below to correct me if I have erred in […]

Rethinking age restrictions for social media participation

Mr. 9 at my house is a Minecrafter and game player. He is into the culture of Minecraft including fan-made content like songs, poems, and YouTube video walkthroughs and strategy sharing. He recently asked for his own YouTube account so he could share his own content and participate in the ongoing conversation. Our own conversations […]

Instructional Design Cartoon Style: Learner and Context Analysis

Instructional design is full of terms for every element of a learning experience. Occasionally I use little sketches to help me visualize and understand these concepts.  Don't use this for studying or as an authoritative source of information on instructional design. This comic illustrates elements of Context Analysis: Learner Analysis Learning Context and Learning Context […]

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