I can EXPLAIN it to you, but I can't UNDERSTAND it for you

Ubiquitous mobile devices and connectivity change technology from something we intentionally do, to something we seamlessly live. We no longer have to go to the computer lab or office to access information. All information is at our fingertips. We need to question what is really important for students to learn given that information is immediately […]

Have your own domain? Check this email management strategy.

Flooded by E-Mails Facebook notifications, Pinterest updates, MOOC updates, Twitter interactions, letters from friends and family, loyalty program updates, wealthy Nigerian widows. It doesn't take long for the in-box to be flooded with mail. Some is for information only, others require action while others are safely ignored. How do you manage it all? Multiple E-Mails Separate accounts […]

7 Oaks PD Day with Lionel Laroche

View as slideshow Miles MacFarlane@milesmac PD Day Today for #7Oaks with Lionel Laroche on Managing Cultural Diversity in Canadian Schools. Mon, Feb 04 2013 03:43:51 · Original link ReplyRetweetFavorite Miles MacFarlane@milesmac Lionel Laroche on Managing Cultural Diversity in Canadian Schools. ca.linkedin.com/pub/lionel-... Mon, Feb 04 2013 03:54:04 · Original link ReplyRetweetFavorite Managing Cultural Diversity professional development […]


One thing we lose with targeted searches online compared to the old paper-based encyclopedias is the incidental learning. It's learning about the Roman Emperor Tacitus, looking at pictures of tadpoles, and learning a few words of Tagalog on the way to researching your biography of Maria Taglioni. I too am a little nostalgic about encyclopedias. […]

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