Survey of Global Collaboration Tools presented using Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway

I'm experimenting with Microsoft Sway, an application somewhat, a little, kinda, sorta like Powerpoint but much more interactive and more dynamic (in that it reformats content depending on the screen it is being displayed on). Users can search for, and embed content from a variety of other sources a little bit like Haiku Deck can find backgrounds based on your slide content. Sway will search images, videos, and Tweets for content matching your search.

Your Sway can be shared directly from the site with a view-only link, or you can share a link with rights to edit. Sways can also be embedded elsewhere... like here, for example! Sway has dynamic formatting, so the user need only focus on the content. This means that Sway will format the content suitable for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewing. Try this: Once the Sway has loaded, resize the window, or click to full-screen viewing. Everything is dynamic, including text, header images, embedded content... everything! Rather neat! I could see using Sway as a tool for knowledge building, content curation, story telling, and annotated bookmarking.

Global Collaboration Digital Tools

This Sway was created in response to an assignment in the Queen's University course 801 Collaborative Inquiry, part of the Graduate Diploma in Professional Inquiry leading to a Master of Education. The prompt was to create a montage of 21st century resources that could accommodate collaborative pursuits.

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