Minecraft 03: Another Step Forward

We have our laptops ready to run Minecraft offline now - had to do some java updates on a few, but 16 of the 20 laptops are now able to run in single player mode. We put the Minecraft app on a few memory sticks and added the app to each computer's desktop. Once the app was on the computer, the students launched it and brought it up to my desk to get on line and download the remaining elements. Now, we can start the app, log in with any username, and play individually offline.

Next step is getting the server setup operational.

I participated in a TwitterChat at #edchatie yesterday and made some connections - talked about virtual field trips to Minecraft learning spaces created by other classrooms. The idea is to have some curriculum related content and demonstrations of learning in the virtual world then host another class - paired up for a guided tour of the learning space.

  • "This is where we modeled multiplication of fractions - here's how these structures show...."
  • "Here is our scale model of the Parthenon. This is the location in which..."
  • "Fly up here, and I'll show you the water system's drainage basin - see how the terrain..."
  • "Here's our model representing a scene from The Giver, my group acted out and recorded the scene for... "

The class is quite excited to see this unfold and I'm just beside myself with excitement over the possibilities. I'm hoping that once we muddle through making this work with our old machines that we can convince the purse-string holders to invest in some better technology.

For now, we continue to follow my favourite saying, "Take what you have and get on with it."

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