Implement a Program, sure, but LIVE the philosophy


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At the end of the day one of my students was packing up to go home and had a huge smile on her face.

me: How was your day, C?
C: Amazing!
me: Really? Amazing? What made the day amazing for you?
C: People.
me: You have some good people in your life here at school?
C: Absolutely!

C. has a lot going on in her life and school is a place of amazingness for her. I don't believe that making school an amazing place for everyone is a matter of chance, or luck. Here is another interaction I overheard in the hallway:

TA: Hey J. you weren't here yesterday... how are you?
J: Good
TA: Missed you yesterday, glad you're here today!
J: Thanks

Simple exchange with single word responses from these middle years kids, but here's why it's meaningful to me:

  • that staff that doesn't normally work with that student,
  • there are more than 600 students in my school yet the TA still noticed

Every student should be valued, we should notice when they're away and appreciate when they're back. It's people that make school "amazing" and we are all important people in setting and maintaining a positive culture, and climate.

Programs like Restitution, or Positive Behaviour for Learning can get us started down that road, but the underlying philosophy needs to be absorbed into our own beliefs, thoughts, and responses. Living the philosophy, more than implementing a program, will contribute to the amazing school experience I want for all our students, and ME for that matter!

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