20+ Years of EdTech

I have used every one of these devices in fulfillment of my duties as a classroom teacher. These were the tools available to me since I became an educator.
It makes me feel rather old, but proud nonetheless, to have mastered these valuable communication technologies for teaching and learning.

And some say today's technology is too complicated.

Want to talk about that?


  1. Richard Croxson says:

    Hi there

    I have just acquired a Gestetner 26 and wondered if you were able to tell me how it works?

    Many thanks

    • milesmac says:

      Haha! You're taxing my memory. As I recall there was special transfer paper like onion skin attached to carbon paper. One would draw, write or type their message on the sheet. The sheet was then attached to the large drum on the Gestetner. (vaguely remembering something about the image being flipped horizontally... Perhaps that happened during the drawing). There.was a paper tray at the bottom and a tank with an alcohol based fluid. As you turned the drum crank, the machine would grab a sheet from the feeder and press it against the spirit master sheet. Must have been a dial or two to adjust for pressure and the amount of fluid feed to the drum. Later there were thermal transfer machines that could transfer the contents of a printed page to a spirit master. Tattooists use these today to get the desired design onto the recipient's body providing a guide for the final product.
      Sorry cant dig out any more specifics than that. Hope it helps. Cheers!

  2. Ella says:

    Dear Milesmac,
    I really liked you post!Most of the stuff on it look pretty cool.


    P.S I am from 4KM.

  3. John edelson says:

    Wow! I just followed the link from a comment you made on http://www.retroedtech.com
    This is the mother lode!

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