Why change? A short video on 21st Century Learning and Curriculum Innovation

The what's and why's of 21st Century Learning

Pedagogical Frameworks

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning - This web site offers an in-depth exploration of what collaboration is, how it works, how to implement it, and some resources for getting started.

Ideas Into Action: Promoting Collaborative Learning Cultures - This PDF document explores the value of collaborative learning, offers up a selection of research that supports the approach, and provides a framework and strategies for implementation at a systems level.

Project-Based Learning

Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning - This article describes some of the essential elements of project-based learning (PBL).

Teacher's Guide to Project-Based Learning - This PDF is a comprehensive guide to PBL that includes examples, the research base, strategies for implementation and integration as well as forms to guide planning.

Online Resource for PBL - This website has a wide variety of resources for designing, sharing, implementing, and supporting PBL initiatives.


Getting Started with Student Inquiry - This PDF offers a framework for understanding inquiry describing what one would observe from students and teachers.

Inquiry-Based Learning - This PDF is part of the same series as the item above. It describes the rationale for using inquiry, the key concepts, and the guiding philosophy.It also offers very practical implementation strategies including conversational phrasing that evokes deeper thinking.

Cognitive Frameworks


There are two aspects to self-regulation: one is the individual's comprehension of their own physical states and their ability to manage it; the other is the individual's management of their own efforts in terms of purpose and efficacy.The two are intertwined but it is helpful to appreciate each individually.

Self-Regulation.ca is a website that focuses on the physical aspects offering explanations and resources for understanding and developing physical self-regulation.

Calm, Alert, and Learning - This PDF explores the impact of self-regulation on learners along with some frameworks for understanding the component parts of self-regulation.

Encouraging Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) - This PDF surveys the research into the cognitive aspects of SRL and offers specific skills that can be developed to increase the efficacy of an individual's efforts.


Thinking Metacognitively - This PDF offers a brief overview of metacognitive practices, some strategies for implementation, and phrasing that evokes metacognitive thought.

Metacognition - This web page defines, and offers a research base for pursuing metacognitive instruction. It also outlines a framework for implementation and links to external resources and supports.

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