Minecraft: 02 Organized Chaos

What a wild day.

First I want to share how awesome this chaotic day was - student engagement from beginning to end by every single student. Every one of them! It started like this:

We need to make this space work for our classroom network. We need to get the classroom network working. We need to get the Minecraft Server started. We need to get the laptops installed with everything they need for our projects.

Make it so.

We purged old stuff and furniture we no longer needed or used, rearranged the desks: computer workstations around the perimeter near the outlets with an open space in the centre for group collaboration. We grubbed up some old routers from past incarnations of the school network.

We're on our way! It was one of those days when you and the students share a vision and, turning it over to them, you watch as they move and decide, strategize, plan, draw on each others' expertise, cooperate, and manage to come up with a great workable solution to a challenge.

Still stuff to do, but we're making progress, and that feels good. All this and we haven't even started using Minecraft yet. Can't wait until we can start throwing blocks.


  1. So cool Miles, I love hearing about your progress with Minecraft!

    • milesmac says:

      Thanks Vivien - we do a lot of it on a shoestring but we manage. Next project is pulling Minecraft creations out and using them as Augmented Reality objects. Always something fun to do with it. Thanks for all your sharing over on Edmodo. You're sure a valuable part of my PLN.

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