"Paper Blog Foldable" illustrates parts of a blog

This little project helps students (and adults) get their heads wrapped around the vocabulary associated with blogging. Titles, banners, side bars, widgets, pages, posts, comments. Each is represented in paper form that concretely reflects how online blogs work.


  1. mrslohr says:

    This is incredible- starting blogs tomorrow with special education English class. This is a perfect introduction- hands on and all! Kudos to you master teacher!

    • milesmac says:

      You're too kind. I hope you share your experiences with the Paper Blog project. Would love to hear how the kids engaged with it and maybe see some pics of the finished products. cheers!

  2. janetteclk says:

    Preparing a parent information session. Great resource. Another teriffic use of paper blogging

  3. Miles ... Thanks for re-tweeting your previous blog posts of ideas and resources. Unfortunately, I missed this engaging "Paper Blog" classroom activity the first time around. I have shared it with other educators who believe in the importance of "hands-on" learning. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

    BTW ... I'm searching you a WordPress plugin that adds sharable icons like "Twitter", "Google +", "Pinterest", etc. to the bottom of my posts. I'd like to consider the plugin that you are using if it doesn't add too much overhead to my page loading speed. Do you mind share your widget/plugin name and any recommendations that you might have through your experience?

    All the best for 2014 during your Australian adventure.

    Take care & keep smiling 🙂 Brian

    • milesmac says:

      Thanks Brian - the sharing icons on the blog come from the JetPack widget. Quite easy to set up and customizable. Thanks for sharing this post - the paper blog foldable raw quite effective in helping students (and teachers for that matter) understand the difference between pages and posts. Hope you're staying warm! Cheers

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