PLNs should include the teacher next door

PLN Connections We talk a lot on Twitter and in each other's blogs about the value of connectedness. Our  PLNs are those folks who share amazing ideas, engage in research, think passionately about practice, and care deeply for students. I love my mornings with a hot cup of coffee, Twitter, and my RSS feed on […]

Nice overview video from #EdCampMSP

Teachers and Shrodinger's Cat: Connected Educators on Social Media

If Shrodinger's cat would meow, we'd know whether it is alive or dead. If teachers talked about what they are doing in the classrooms... A report from the box would be helpful for everyone. Many connected educators are working to get out of the box, open the doors, tear down the walls, get out of the building, virtually and […]

EdCamps: Best. Professional. Development. Ever.

EdCampMSP I made the 8 hour drive from Winnipeg to be part of this amazing event. Since the last camp this past June, many of us maintained contact on Twitter, so returning felt like coming home to dear friends. EdCamps differ from traditional professional development in that the agenda and the content is set by […]

Being a Connected Educator

Erin at EdCamp in Ottawa sent this tweet from one of her sessions about table top white boards. White board table cool. #edcampottawa Erin Kristalyn Sun, Nov 11 2012 05:23:10 ReplyRetweetFavorite From EdCamp in Minneapolis-St.Paul I sent her a link to Laura's website where she had blogged about IdeaPaint. RT @ekristalyn: White board table […]

"The Filter Bubble" by Eli Pariser: Speed Read

"The Filter Bubble" by Eli Pariser I called these posts "speed reads" because I really zipped through the book, skimming and scanning and synthesizing my own understandings into the statements below. It's not impossible that I completely missed the point or got off on a tangent that doesn't reflect the author's intent. I trust that readers will […]

Sharing projects, pedagogy, and predictions with GameToLearn

Adopting a Strategy isn't like Adopting a Dog

Dogs are for life, Strategies are for the moment. Panaceas available at Workshop X Purchase even more efficacy with these associated books Sit through 8 additional hours of workshop to receive your Level II certificate More levels available at reasonable prices Ok, I'm not quite THAT cynical. I do see value in exploring strategic systems […]

Pokemon Evolve, so can Teachers

Change processes are well researched and documented but I wanted to explore my own experience with significant change in the context of my teaching practice. I started my career five years before the start of the Pokemon craze, but the idea of evolutions (though far less dramatic) seem suitable for describing professional growth. I began […]

Do you believe everything you tweet?

"Do you believe everything you tweet?" I was asked in the hallway one day. I was taken aback. Mentally searching the latest batch of tweets I scanned for something that may have precipitated such a question. We talked briefly about the purpose of my tweets and engagement with the professional learning community. I had retweeted […]

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