Adopting a Strategy isn't like Adopting a Dog

Dogs are for life, Strategies are for the moment.

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Ok, I'm not quite THAT cynical. I do see value in exploring strategic systems and comprehensive methodologies, but I also think that locking-in to one system can blind us to the benefits of another. When I hear about schools "adopting a program" I worry that the adopters are looking for a cookie-cutter solution to a problem.

As a starting point, they are a good way of filling teacher toolboxes with a set of strategies, and a lens through which challenges become more clear and easier to deal with. Integrating these strategies into our daily practice and interaction is the goal. Through reflective application, these methods are incorporated into our own methodology, pedagogy, and psychology. The practices are incorporated into our base behaviour, less through thoughtful application, and more through intuition (the foundation of which was thoughtful adoption.

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