"Don Cherry's Jacket" Fabric Art

What do you do with a bin full of fabric samples? Fabric collages, of course. Lovely pieces illustrating creative landscapes and abstract patterns. Right?

Not this year. Because it is hockey season and we're nearing the Stanley Cup finals, we decided to adorn Canadian hockey icon Don Cherry with some new threads.

We found this picture of Don Cherry then cut out templates for the different parts of the suit.

We looked at the cut of the jacket, the direction of the lines. Cutting out the template pieces, each student selected a fabric sample from the booklets and cut out each piece taking care to line up the direction of the fabric to match the jacket.

Placing the fabric pieces on the picture we recreate the jacket style with a new pattern. Here are some of the finished products alongside the original.

Kids are excited about this simple pop-art-ish project as we've done some good old-fashioned cut-and-paste with fun fabrics. Thanks Don Cherry for the art inspiration!


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